The Cup Final game and atmosphere in Berlin have been well-documented in words, pictures and video in the press and all over the Internet. Here are the views of some of the members of 1FCNUK who made the trip to The Olympic Stadium and saw that the sleeping giant was wide awake and throwing back the covers …

(Selected pieces from the original 1FCNUK forum following the game May/June 2007)
Liam’s perspective …

Seven of us made the long trip from England and weren’t disappointed. It was a particularly emotional occasion for our President, Herbert Schauer, a lifelong FCN fan who had waited 45 years for this day.

The atmosphere in Berlin was tremendous – fans from both sides drinking side by side in a real party atmosphere. Gut Bier, gut Wurst! That was only a taste of things to come – the atmosphere in the Olympic Stadium was something I will never forget. 76000 fans packed into an electric cauldron of hope, anticipation and excitement. (I am sure that most of them were also packed into our train carriage back to the city centre!)

And the game – what more can you ask for. It had everything – goals, a sending off, a controversial booking (should have been a red card), a late penalty for the opposition and a goal worthy of winning any cup final. We had a birds eye view of Kristiansen’s goal. At first it looked as if it was going over but at the last moment it dipped, clipped the underneath of the crossbar and nestled in the back of the net. Then we knew the cup was won.

Stuttgart played their part in an excellent game of football but the team that deserved it most won. Europe next season – who knows what that will bring!

Jon’s analysis …

The atmosphere and the game were fantastic. The feeling of Der Club winning the Pokal is even better than those two things.

I was nervous throughout but the feeling of elation at the end of the game (and continuing until now and beyond) was more than worth the nerves.

Having seeing the game again on video, here are a few more thoughts on the game itself..
Nikl nearly conceded a penalty early on. He went to challenge Kedhira but pulled his foot away at the last minute. Whether there was any contact with the Stuttgart player is difficult to tell from some angles. Nikl tried to avoid it but from the replays it would have been no surprise if the referee had given a penalty. However, from my position behind the goal in the stadium it looked like Kedhira had dived. What is certain, whether there was contact or not, Kedhira made a meal of it and this probably swung the ref’s decision.

Cacau was running shoulder-to-shoulder with Wolf. Cacau swung a punch with his right hand across his own body into Wolf’s midriff. It wasn’t hard, just stupid. Wolf did not make much of it but the telling thing is that neither did Cacau. There was no complaint when he was shown red. If a player swings a punch at another player he should be sent off.

Mintal looked lively and something like the Mintal of old. His goal was from a superbly timed run and he’d already got into a couple of good positions before that and had shown some good touches. If he’d lasted 90 minutes there is every chance he would have helped 1.FCN to a more decisive victory.

Meira should have been sent off for his challenge on Mintal. Mintal missed the rest of the game and Meira simply got a yellow card. It was an absolutely horrendous challenge and could easily have ended Mintal’s career. Let’s hope he recovers quickly. Meira will not get a good reception from Clubberer next time he visits Frankenstadion.

Osorio’s tug on Engelhardt in the second half was right on the edge of the area. Sometimes it would have been given as a penalty, sometimes not. It was given as a free-kick which Galasek took but was deflected for a corner.

The Stuttgart penalty. Definitely a penalty. No argument with that whatsoever.

Spiranovic dived in the 84th minute. He was booked and deserved to be. He will hopefully learn from it. While not particularly effective in the game he did ok (apart from the dive) and got into a couple of good positions. Experience and maturity will turn him into a very good player. Maybe a future player for Galasek’s role?

And then there’s Jan Kristiansen. At the start of extra-time I thought he would be taken off. By the 90th minute he was looking very jaded. He had a steady game without doing anything to shout about… Until that goal. Despite having looked jaded he found some energy from somewhere and kept at the task. His reward was also our reward. wonder strike, a Traumtor, which gave all Clubberer the reward of the Pokal for all of their support and non-stop singing.

Clubberer are the best fans in Germany. Der Club are not far from being a team to challenge right at the top of the Bundesliga. An awesome end to a fantastic season. Thank you Hans Meyer and co.

Jason’s epic adventure …

From the once great shores of England (and Scotland … maybe Wales) flew a great bird bearing the island’s cream of football supporters. These brave pioneers headed to the imposing metropolis of Berlin. For it is here that they slogged their way through beer and wurst to arrive at the stage that was once dream of all Olympians. There were different gladiators there that day, all dressed in white but still with that same look of determination and steely grit in their eyes. And it was these great champions that the British pioneers came to see.

A brave contest ensued between the graceful Whites and the savage Reds. Misplaced footings and sublime finishing resulted in an early blow from the Reds. But … this was just the tonic needed to force the Whites into action, an incisive move down the right flank ensured the quick thinking Slovak punished a flat footed defence. And then … the Reds showed their true colours and took to Neanderthal methods to stop the rampaging Whites…. their talisman taken from the field of play. But still the Whites pressed, moved by their mountain of support … forward, forward. A break from the battle came.

The general on the sideline pushed his troops forward and a victory seemed inevitable … GOAL … The Franconians euphoric (the British heroes too) applauded their warriors. The end seemed in sight, but a cruel blow was to come…. tired legs retreated and a penalty came. Was this the end of the battled Franconians and their faithful hordes? No! No! Wer Sind Der Club!! That was the cry! And the Whites poured forward with one final push. GOOOOOOOAL … This was too much to bear for our British heroes, who went into a frenzy.

The golden chalice was won.
Legends were born.
And one lived on … Der Club