It’s matchday as FCN return to Bundesliga action for a 33rd season. Today’s opening day task is a journey to Berlin to take on Hertha in the Olympic Stadium.

Anyone who knows anything about football will also know that this is the start of an incredibly hard journey of 34 games. Most have little hope of survival for FCN but today there are no better words than those from  the rallying cry from our fellow fans at Faszination Nordkurve.

The translation is below. Good luck FCN. We are right behind you.

Glubb family, finally it starts again, finally again we’re in the Bundesliga … and very likely there will be defeats. Maybe this season there will be some bad games or even disappointments, and in any case the points will not be as easy to pick up as last year.

The bookmakers and the football press see us as the favourites for relegation and believe that  1.FC Nuremberg is not good enough for the Bundesliga, the squad is too weak, there have been no significant reinforcements, the important promotion euphoria has vanished. 

No way!

We all know it’s going to be a tough season. But we also know what we can achieve when we pull together again – and do not fall into painting everything black!

We proved it last year: Hardly anyone thought we’d get promoted at the start of the season. The team more than compensated for their weaknesses through team spirit, morale and fighting. We, the Glubb family, have strengthened them with our support. However, our players got promoted because it is just right in this team.

Therefore, we do not see it as a disadvantage that no big signings have been made. We’ve already had enough ‘high calibre’ players who have failed! We do not need new signings who do not fit  We do not need players who break the coherent structure of our team. We believe in this team as it is. She has potential, she has ambition and she has our support!

Do you remember the first half of last season when we won in Fürth?

When Hanno Behrens climbed onto the fence after the game?

Did  you not feel there, in front of you is a captain who’s heart is fully committedt?

Do you remember the second half of last season when we beat Braunschweig?

As the team lifted itself again for the last step in Sandhausen?

Did you not feel that there is a unity in front of you that knows that we are only strong together?

And anyone who still doubts this should ask themselves a question: Which Glubb teams have inspired us the most over the last 20 years? Of course, the cup winning team is the first to call. But in the same breath most Glubb fans will follow with the hungry promotion team from last season.

However, there is one crucial difference. The cup winning team screwed it up a year later. These guys have a chance to do better! They just have to be as brave as last year. No more, no less.

As long as FCN does that, it will be our job as fans to keep negative sentiment out of the game –  even if the first games are lost!

As long as FCN does that, it will be our job to unite the Glubb family behind this team – to surprise again!

But enough talk … Take these words with you, internalize them, carry them on, tell them to everyone and let us go out together on Saturday, with absolute certainty:

The legend remains!

This task is our promise!


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