After the fantastic victory away to Düsseldorf on Monday evening, a trip to bottom club Kaiserslautern should, on paper at least, be a formality.

But let’s not forget – we are talking about FCN here. While optimism is naturally high as we sit in second place at the midpoint of the season, Nuremberg have a long and illustrious history of finding the cloud around the silver lining.

Warning – a trip to K-Town is a banana skin, and Michael Köllner will have to ensure that his players don’t step on it.

The Fritz Walter Stadium rarely sees an easy 90 minutes for FCN, and the pride and tradition surrounding the famous Kaiserslautern club will ensure that the hosts do not role over, against a team of Nuremberg’s stature. Concentration, patience and determination will need to be carefully managed on Saturday lunchtime – if they are, then by Sunday afternoon Glubb could potentially have taken top spot, with Kiel having a tricky looking game at Sandhausen.

Let’s go FCN. 3 more points please.

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