What can be said when your team have put in a fantastic performance, outplayed a form team, scored what should have been a much needed and highly deserved winner, only to concede an injury time equaliser.

Several members of 1.FCN UK made the trip over to Germany for the game but returned to England far from disappointed.

Having shipped 16 goals in the previous four games, popular opinion gave FCN very little chance against a resurgent Frankfurt side, themselves 7-1 winners in their previous outing. But the critics forget that Der Club have a team spirit and enough quality to go against the form book.

In low temperatures and heavy rain, that team spirit and quality was enhanced by the inclusion of Simon Rhein for his debut and, in the starting 11 for the first time for over a year, Sebastian Kerk, finally back from injury. Both, along with Hanno Berhens, were majestic performers in a midfield which outclassed the Eintracht talent. If the midfield was majestic, the defence was imperious with Margreiter and Muhl looking rejuvenated by the protection they were getting from the Kerk-Behrens-Rhein trio. The threat of World Cup finalist Rebic, and Serb, Jovic (five goal destroyer of Dusseldorf one week earlier), was completely nullified. Misidjan, Kubo, Knoell, Bauer and Leibold were all tireless in their efforts, adding to a fine team performance and it is testimony to every outfield player that goalkeeper Mathenia was rarely involved.

Fantastic debut for midfielder Simon Rhein

Although substitute Adam Zrelak’s 78th minute goal was heartbreakingly cancelled out in the 92nd by an undeserving Frankfurt side, all FCN fans should be proud of a tremendous performance. If that can be replicated with at least some consistency, Bundesliga survival will almost certainly be secured.

As Glubbfans, we all have our faith and belief tested on a regular basis but Glubbfans always continue to have hope. This performance, the heart and passion shown by this team, and the tactics of Michael Koellner keep that hope, faith and belief strong.

FCN – Die Legende Lebt – the legend lives. 1.FCN UK will return to the Max Morlock Stadion soon.