Our ‘good friends’ Schalke have once again stepped in to take a player from FCN. Cedric Teuchert has made the move early in the January transfer window. Coach Michael Köllner will now be on the look out for a suitable replacement, although remained pragmatic, indicating that he doesn’t want a player in the squad who doesn’t want to play for Glubb. We totally agree.

Will Teuchert’s move be a good one for him? Financially of course there is no doubt about it, even if he spends plenty of time warming the S04 bench. Only time will tell but we’ve not really got time to care – he’s now a former player.

But who could replace him? The name of another former player has been mentioned in the rumour mill over the last 24 hours or so. Stefan Kiessling is a very different player than the young talent that left FCN in 2006 after 73 performances. The intervening years and 338 games for Bayer Leverkusen have given the 33 year old plenty of experience, which could be very useful in a promotion push for FCN, although he would not be a long-term option due to persistent injury issues.

Who would you like to replace Teuchert? SK?

Who else is out there? And who would be available to come to FCN for the right price, right now? If injuries can be avoided and Mikael Ishak can continue his great form, an immediate replacement for Teuchert won’t be needed, but that would represent a big gamble with so much at stake in the battle for a return to the Bundesliga.

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