Another era ends at FCN as Glubb dispenses of the services of coach Michael Köllner and sporting director, Andreas Bornemann.

Tschuss MK

At face value, this is hardly a surprising decision. 15 games without a win, bottom of the Bundesliga, one foot already in 2.Bundesliga, and many poor performances. There are few coaches who survive such times.

But think back. Think back to last season when, at times promotion looked beyond the capability of the team. Think back to how the coach pulled that team together and managed to make the jump to the Bundesliga. And remember, the quality in 2.Bundesliga last season was low. Also remember there were plenty of times FCN were tested by some poor teams. Yes, we got promoted but it can be argued that promotion came despite a lack of overall ability in the team, not because the team was outstanding. In other words, Michael Köllner did a great job with limited resources.

Think back also to the start of this season. We hoped that by some miracle FCN would survive in the Bundesliga but very few dared to believe that this would be a reality. Few performances were able to fuel this hope: Frankfurt at home, Mainz at home – good performances but only 2 points – then little else other than victory against Fortuna and a hard earned point in Augsburg. It has been obvious for all to see that the team is out of its depth.

How much of this is the fault of the coach is debatable. Yes, some tactical decisions can be questioned but he can not be expected to get the same out of the players as he did last season in what is a much tougher league. Nor can FCN be expected to compete on an equal footing with teams who have far, far greater financial resources.

So an era ends and soon a new one will begin. Whoever comes in as coach will not save FCN from relegation; it’s surely too late for that. But the new coach will also have a real battle on their hands to return to the Bundesliga at the first attempt. They will need the full support of whoever comes in to replace Andreas Bornemann, and the two newcomers will need to work together as closely as MK and AB have done. Both appointments are incredibly important.

The decision to get rid of MK as FCN coach has, and always will, divide opinion. We, the fans must now, once gain, unite and get behind the new coach, and the team, accept the position we are  in, and continue to support through thick and thin.

Thank you MK. Thank you AB. Thanks for the good times and good luck.

Now – Auf geht’s Glubb.

Ich bereue diese Liebe nicht.